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“Stazzo” - typical Sardinian house in Cannigione

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Italy, Sardegna, Other cities

Stazzo is a typical Sardinian house. It is usually located out of the city and widly spread in the North of Sardinia in the area of Gallura. It is characterized by the following features: Rectangular forms, accurate stonework with using of typical local stones, private land around the house. This stazzo is located in Rena/Micalosu, close to Cannigione and Arzachena. Total superface of the stazzo is 200 sq.m., the land is 1500 sq.m. There is a well with fresh water, the quality of water is analyzed and proved by tests. Due to the location on the hills there is a magnificent panoramic view from here. The condition of the stazzo: to renovate.

Address: Cannigione

Placement:  hills
Square:  200 m2
Comfort:  other
State:  Repair is needed

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