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(IM) 18038 Italia
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Rustico in Piemonte

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Italy, Piemonte, Other cities

A truely exceptional property within the UNESCO-designated vineyard hill landscapes that extend between Nizza Monferrato and Acqui Terme. The nearly 35 acre (14 hectare) estate comprises an ancient stone homestead with a Romanic tower and a private chapel. Its origins go back to the 13th century and in its long history it has served different purposes, including as a toll station levying local duties, whence its name „Pedaggera“. The buildings are arranged around an inner, walled courtyard with a separate pedestrian doorway and carriage drive. Four attached sections make up the entire homestead, totalling approximately 1750 sq meters (close to 19000 sq feet) of floorspace. Stone buttresses, coffered ceilings in the manor house reception room, ancient fireplaces and stone vaults are the distinguishing architectural features of this historic estate. Its varied silhouette is the property's unmistakable characteristic. The 35 acres of land which includes a pond are not currently cultivated but are suitable for different agricultural uses, the area being exceptionally suited for growing vines, particularly of the Barbera and Moscato varieties, or for planting hazel shrubs. It is worth mentioning that the land comprises woods where the precious Piemontese truffels may be found. A project for moving the local road in order for it not to run through the settlement separating the main buidlings from the chapel has already been discussed and approved by competent provincial authorities. This change would further enhance the estate's potential. A luxurious private residence, an out of the ordinary hospitality business or a venue for cultural events are among the possible uses of this unique property, without forgetting its considerable agricultural potential.

Address: Nizza Monferrato

Placement:  hills
Square:  1750 m2
Comfort:  country seat
State:  Repair is needed
Number of rooms:  15
What is near?:  Генуя: 72 Km Турин: 99 Km Милан: 135 Km Ницца: 224 Km

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